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Timer Design
This project is collaborated with Department of Control System and Instrumentation Engineering, KMUTT

             “ CYGNET ” is a self-power generate timer device designed to achieve a modern and contemporary styling along with enhancing the capabilities of a conventional timer in order to provide a clear and effective notification. By adapting the form of a hour-glass, a silhouette of the design could tell that the device is a time related product and ignorer to enhance the capabilities of the timer function, the design has been digitize by an application of a LED lighting unit and a digital sound has been applied to the design in order to deliver an effective notifications to the users along with supporting their senses of hearing and visibility towards the device while being use along with their tasks from the moment that the device has started until the end of its usage. This device not only can be use with the usual kitchen usage but also it can be adapt to other kind of situations also such as an alarm-clock for a short period of napping.

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