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Stationery design
This project is collaborated with Sakura Products (Thailand) Company Limited

             “ SAI ” is a complete set of watercolor tools designed to help the beginners achieve an enjoyable travel journal session since they are the group that most will likely to struggle with problems during their session because of their inexperience of doing watercolor outdoor.


           The design was based mostly on the user’s need and combined with the knowledge and improvising technique of the experts in order to achieve the design that would help the user by using their knowledge and adapt it to each part of the design by providing the necessities needed in making travel journal outdoor and restricted the capacity of the tool in order to train the user to travel light without have unwanted extra weight as a burden to them as the weight of their bag should not be the factor that judge the amount of places the user can visit with them on their trip and by that the design would help user in having a enjoyable session outside without struggling and after they enjoy their session and could relish their moments freely. 

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